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Applies to M-1500, and M-1500Q

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Note: to avoid delays in sample processing, please ensure there are no discrepancies between sample labeling on the submission form and the labeling on shipped samples.

*Bionique requires that clients qualify all sample types/matrices for suitability in this assay. If any sample type has not been previously qualified, or if any component has changed since last qualified, be sure to add an M-1500Q line item to your order for that test article and submit sufficient volume to support two tests. Our PCR Testing Department is available to answer your questions at 518-891-2356.

Shipping Information

(Please note: Samples exceeding BSL 2 are NOT accepted. Contact us before sending known human pathogens. Certain agents such as retroviruses may not be accepted.)

Special Instructions (additional surcharge may be applied)

Sample Notification

Clients must notify Bionique by completing this form at least two business days prior to shipping samples. Failure to do so may result in delays to sample processing. Additionally, a copy of this sample submission form must accompany the sample shipment.


Reserve Samples

cGMP requirements specified in 21 CFR Subpart 1 - Laboratory Controls, Section 211.170 - Reserve Samples states that a sufficient amount of reserve sample submitted for testing shall be retained.

(Please note: Upon hitting submit, a pdf copy of your sample submission form will be sent to the email address you provided in the contact information. Please print and include with your sample shipment.)